Jul. 14th, 2009

folksy: (the girl in summer)

the children and i went outside again today.
we are going to begin a garden.
they took the gloves, the rake and the shovels
and began to upturn the old grass mats
and revealed even older dirt beneath.
i left them with a little chalk drawing
of a fruit tree sprite (orange, the girl says)
to overlook their work and progress...
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a forest dweller (colored)

mama, make me a dress out of feathers
so i can fly in the blue sky and reach the heavens.
mama, make me a coat of fur so i can prowl oe'r
the ground, like a fox, don't worry mama,  i won't get lost.
mama, make me a net of spider webs and i bet
i could reach the stars no matter how far away
they seem to be.
oh mama, mama, let me believe...
(maybe i'll finish this, one day...)
folksy: (the girl in summer)
aesop at the o.c. fair

it's mid-summer now, the night is late,  with opened windows and fans on.
it has been a pretty mild summer which i have been wholly thankful for.
summer brings such nostalgia for me and though i often don't admit it
(or at least, maybe i am beginning to) once summer comes i am happy for it.
not for the immense heat or the blaring sun but for what comes with it,
what thoughts and feelings are joined with it.

last year we went to the orange county fair with my parents.
i've never known myself to love the fair as much as i did that day.
i wish to go again this year, to peruse the vendor tents and visit the
goats, cows, rabbits and other farm animals there.
to have a few infused honey sticks to suck on and to find the queen bee.
to dote on the flowers, vegetables and fruits growing in the earth.
to take pictures and enjoy the fruits of summer.

your color makes me happy...