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 I do love this little nook I have here and it always brings a smile on my face when I come to share. This is not to say that I do not love my cider and faun, which of course, i do. This place began as my little hidden place but I really love what it has become and all the things I get to share. As always, my love for etsy continues to grow and I am always adding to my wish list. Here, some new favorites...

underwater cardholder moss, chocolate and red
underwater cardholder by spectacle a la maison

Swallow Silhouette Oil Painted Locket
swallow silhouette oil painted locket by khara ledone

Flower -Embroidery
flower embroidery by whimsiology

Reversible Hobo Bag - Large - Aqua and Red Deer Valley
reversible hobo bag by retrofied

Vintage Owl Shaped Cutting Board
vintage owl shaped cutting board at artful vintage

London Fog Tea Jar
london fog tea jar by amy esther

Bunny Bracelet
bunny bracelet by mamas little babies

Embroidered Brooch - Grey Owl
embroidered brooch grey owl by jenny mccabe

Lovely Mug of Tea Cozy
lovely mug of tea cozy by knitstorm

embroidered flower brooch
embroidered flower brooch by handmade by christine

Vintage Roses and Vines Handbag
vintage roses and vines handbag at spunsugarvintage

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