Jul. 15th, 2009

folksy: (the moon at play)
i love luna...
I can't wait to see this. I am hoping we will be able to tonight.
I reread the book a couple of weeks ago so that I could be all caught up.
I can't wait to see what they do with it, I can't wait to see the magic
and I can't wait to see the costumes. I love the clothes from the wizarding world...
and yes, i love luna, she's a true unique individual ♥
folksy: (seaside with her)
a little mermaid with octopus doll

we went outside and waded, floated and swam in the pool.
it was not an overly hot day and it felt wonderful having the body
suspended in water while the sun warmed my face.
i don't know what it is about the water that feels so great
but it really does.
and as much as i wanted to just relax in it, 
it was nice having a little five year old as my mermaid companion too..