Aug. 1st, 2009

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Niagara Apothecary
niagara apothecary by charluna

I'm an old fashioned type of gal, in a little bit of a nicely strange way.
There are so many things I love and adore and one are things that
seem to be lost in this modern society.

I love the look and usage of amber glass bottles
filled with oils, tinctures and other lovely little potions
for a healthier and beautiful self.
Tin boxes and glass jars of loose leaf teas of flowers and herbs.
Dark wood floors and shelves filled with candles, soaps
and a bit of old time medicines and tonics.

It's no wonder that i am in love with these things
and want these as well...

Owlchemy, or
is the natural perfumery of Beyond the Thicket.
I was able to purchase samples of her ethereal scents
with names like chariot, silent woods, golden lyre, enthroned and huntress.
I'm in love with these scents and can't wait to order more (along with a few
of her woodland inspired jewelry as well).


Flying bird botanicals has quite a few things I would like to try.

teas for wellness...nutritive tea with red rasberry leaf, nettle, oat top, oat straw,
alfafa, red clover top, lemon balm, dandelion root, fennel and spearmint.
delivering nutrition with all trace minerals, vitamins, etc.

wildcrafted salve for cuts, scrapes, bruises and such. it has yarrow, cedar and cottonwood.
the scent is from infused oils, not essential oils.

teas for life...bluebird morning to start the day, get the circulation going and help
your mind focus. this blend includes gotu kola, ginkgo, red raspberry leaf, lemon grass,
hawthorne flower, orange peel, rosehips, ginger and cinnamon.

rosewater toner to soften and refresh the skin. sounds heavenly and i bet it smells
and feels that way too.


moss & ivy from For Strange Women sounds delightful. a blend full of herbs like rosewood, oakmoss,
basil, lavender, mandarin, bergamot, cedarwood and also includes (depending on availability) marjoram,
patchouli, tarragon, orange, petitgrain, neroli, jasmine, amyris, spruce, and spearmint.


Lilith's Apothecary is filled with wonders (and I have been lucky enough to try some of
them too)! On my wish list is first, the lemongrass cedarwood lotion bar. The lotion bars are made from
cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and natural, unrefined beeswax.

tisane waterlily organic herbal tea, a carminative meaning it aids digestion by dispelling gas
and calming stomach spasms. it's also anti-viral, soothing to the stomach lining, and emotionally & physically calming,
which helps both digestion, stress relief, and sleep. made with rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, lavender, calendula,
orange peel, spearmint, catnip, lemon verbena.

the royal breakfast blend an organic english breakfast tea with jasmine, rose and cornflower.
look how beautiful it is!! Other lovelies I want to try from Lilith's are Immune-building ANTI-VIRAL Herbal Syrup
with echinacea, thyme and ginger; Balinese Red Flower facial mask with morroccan rhassoul clay, hibiscus
flowers, rose petals, rose hips, sandalwood, honey and rosehip seed oil; earl grey lavender black tea and the
lavender facial cleansing


photo by phyrworks

other herbal goodies i would like to have include the following:

(from Herbal Remedies)(from Smallflower)

(from Mountain Rose Herbs, which i love)
not too mention a load of loose herbs and tinctures and would like from them too!

there is so much goodness out there, so much i haven't even mentioned.
maybe i'll make it a series of lists of sorts. until then, good health, happiness and sweet dreams...

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