Aug. 3rd, 2009

folksy: (aesop)
friday morning

so many things are happening,
it almost seems like i am caught in a whirlwind.
the absence of my dear cat, 
the return of familiar woes.
these past few days almost seemed non stop
and i am grateful to have a monday just to be here, with her
with no agenda, with no where we have to be.

i've been sad, i've been angry, 
but i know it's not to ask why these things happen.
i have to trudge forward and face the realities.
in between though, i will still dream, not to escape
but to enhance the world as i see it.
does that make any sense?
i know what to believe in, i know Who to believe in
and i do. i know He will direct us because He always has.
I know his canopy of mercy and grace is never ending.
these are the great things i take comfort in...