Aug. 13th, 2009

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apple leaf/twig, chamomile, nettle and lemon balm

this week has been a mild summer for august and i am very grateful for it.
we've been drinking tea and making our own herbal teas as well. 
she likes when i put apple leaf and twig with chamomile and lemon balm together.
she is not a big fan of nettle but i did get her to drink mountain rose herb's dawn chorus
which contains organic nettle leaf, organic green rooibos and organic rose petals
(that's what gets her to drink the tea) .

I've made another mix for me that i am really enjoying. it has nettle, meadowsweet, chamomile, lavender and licorice.
today, however i drank  a tea i bought from sprouts farmers market yesterday. it's from god's garden pharmacy and it's
called herbal energy. it has green tea, yerba mate, shizandra berry, ginger, rose hip, eleuthro and sarsaparrilla along 
with it's propriety blend of gotu kola, licorice, kola nut, rosemary, pepperming, damiana, guarana, alfalfa, raspberry
and stevia. i was a bit concerned about the peppermint since that does not do good with my GERD but it was in a very
minor amount. the tea was wonderful, warming and bold. though it's late in the morning, actually, it's almost noon, 
i'm getting the day ready now. :)