Jul. 25th, 2009

folksy: (apples)
broken and alive
while tending our budding plants and the grass,
the hose slid over and knock down my jar of calendula sprouts.

two days after, the gardeners came and mistakenly weeded out
my little black hollyhock sprout.
I came running out in hopes they wouldn't do more damage
to my two healthy apricot sunflower sprouts.

my lupines have yet to sprout and i think a lamb's ear weed
is growing in the midst of where i put the seeds.
the last litte lupine sprout from a different variation held on to life
for so long and now i believe it's done for too.

not all is lost though.
the borage is doing well, the sage is sprouting, the lavender is thriving.
the tomatoes are growing and changing colors and the silver mist 
is ever expanding.

if only the cerinthe, butterfly weed and agastache would sprout.
to begin again with these and others...