Jul. 27th, 2009

folksy: (seaside with her)

a summer friday...


bijou the wonder dog


she jumps!



purple toes





moon between the branches

friday was a blessing of a day.
we had good friends over, swam in the pool
enjoying the coolness of the water
and the warmth of summer.
talking, giggling, playing, learning, exploring.
it was a good friday indeed :)

folksy: (aesop)
my little owl tattoo
my little owl finally 'landed' on me to stay with me always.
this is my third inked work on me.
my first is on my upper back, a verse from psalm 43:3 in Hebrew.
it says, 'o send out thy light and thy truth, let them lead me'.
the second my dear friend and i went together
and had a lotus symbol i drew put on different places
(her wrist and my ankle).
now, my little owl. it took me a long time to get him
and a long time to draw the perfect, simple little owl.
i am very happy, so happy in fact that i started
folklora ink...come and see...