Aug. 28th, 2009

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married to the sea once close up

another day waking up to tame emotions rising from dreams that are not real.
we are all wired differently and this is just one of those things about myself
that i have to contain and take control of so that it won't take control over me.
some of the content seems to be making obvious statements and the others trying
to subtly lay into me what it wants me to believe as truth.

i just think i need a change.

i know i rely too much on what the heart thinks it wants, what it wants to believe
will be forever and always. what it thinks needs to be the optimum in order
for survival; for my survival. life goes on, it changes, it ages and nothing stays the same.
maybe i've just crawled into my own cave, cut away from ties of realities and have
set up a place that just wants to thrive on the beautiful and romantic always.
i can't neglect what is real and that's what it wants to do; to choke out reality.
i can't stay there in that place. i need a change...